How it Works

For Voters

  1. Sign up for your free ride on our website or by calling 919-809-9242. Keep in mind that volunteer cars can transport up to three voters from one residence at one time.

  2. We will reach out to you via phone or email to confirm your ride.

  3. Your driver will pick you up at the requested address and take you to the appropriate polling location.

During Early Voting we are able to bring you to the poll with the shortest wait time, however, due to state restrictions on Election Day your driver will help you determine your assigned poll and bring you to that location.

  1. Your driver will wait in the car while you vote and bring you back to the requested address when you’re done.

Feel free to contact us with any questions!

For Volunteers

Fill out the availability form for Durham

If you have volunteered to drive, we will assign you a specific rider or riders based on your availability. Each ride may transport up to three members of the same household. We will provide you with the pick-up information and contact details for your rider(s).

We will provide you with mobile software to determine which Durham polling location has the shortest wait time. When you have arrived, you will wait in the car until your rider has cast their vote in order to return them to the requested location.

Please contact us with any questions!